Digital Marketing Pricing Packages

We pride ourselves on delivering compelling, digital marketing solutions tailored to meet your businesses needs


Marketing Audit

No hidden fees. No pressure. Let's see where to improve

Website Ranking Overview

Let's see how your website is running and operating and stacks up against the competition. 

Content Analysis

A business must be putting out content that matters to the consumer. It must be worth watching, aka, educational, inspiring, innovative, revolutionary, problem-solving, and entertaining.

Google Ranking Analysis        

Your online reputation is extremely important. Let's see how your business is rated online from yelp, to facebook, google, and others social ranking platforms.

Baseline SWOT Analysis

Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. In order to develop an effective marketing strategy for your business, we must first determine your baseline and then set incremental goals to become number one in your field

Social Media Review       

Besides your website, your social media links are your most valuable asset for showing your customers how amazing you are. Let us show you how to easily create eye catching, engaging content 

Marketing Strategy Review
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Online Presence 



Ideal for Small Businesses looking to get started

Account Manager

Together we will review your goals and key objects with you and implement strategies to help you reach them

Ad Creation & Strategy

We will develop high converting ads that grab the readers attention by positioning your business as the solution to their problem

Google Ads

We will get your business listed at the top of google search results with smaller budgets focused on conversions

Facebook Ads 

No matter your industry, we will test multiple platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to bring you constant income with measurable ROI.  Combining direct-response advertising with and irresistible giveaways, your business will grow rapidly

Geo-Targeted Campaigns

All of our Facebook and google ads will we customized to reach every-one of your target customers

Conversion Tracking

All of our marketing efforts will be tracked and recorded so you can see where and when your marketing budget was spent 

Monthly Performance Reporting

At the end of each month, you will receive a detailed report of your marketing growth and KPI that reflect actual conversion and paying customers



for business ready to evolve and lead the market

Uplevel Package +

Includes everything in the Uplevel Package

Photography & Videography

Looking for a professional media team? From stunning product photos to commercial grade videos and areal cinematography, our team will showcase your brand like no other

Online Reputation Management 

It doesn't matter if your business has the best product or service. If your competitor has more reviews, your business will be overlooked. With this package we will ensure your online platforms are claimed and generating reviews for your brand.

Website Optimization

A website is the face of the business online and it is paramount that it operates perfectly on desktop and mobile. We will clear your website of any issues, broken links or slow loading issues, and make sure it runs fast and efficient. 

On Page Optimization

One of our website plug-ins gives us the ability to view the customer's experience on your website. This will help up identify any common problems and or hick-ups that cause prospect customer to leave your website for good

Social Media Management and Strategy

Each Social Platform gives your business the unique opportunity to connect with your audience. To draw in all customers, we will create and post 3-5 pieces of educational, informative, promotional, and entertaining content a week for your business.

Community Management

We will manage your Social Profiles by responding to the community and replying to google reviews on your behalf. This is boost company presence and let others know your business responds progressively to compliments and complaints



Full Spectrum Advertising: rapid growth and market domination

Premium Package +

Includes everything in the Premium Package

Sales Page for Products & Services

Everyone who views your product online but doesn't buy, will be retargeted with a unique ad that highlights its superiority. These ads are highly effective when stacked with a discount or special promotion.

Influencer Collaboration Marketing

Social Media Influencers are highly effective when it comes to brand awareness. From local to global influencers we will ensure your brand presence and reputation is elevated.

Media Team

From your website to video and picture ads, professional content creation will instantly set your business apart. We will create new content and marketing strategies to promote your product and service weekly

Personalized Ads for All Demographics

With a continuous flow of high quality content, we will have the ability to test multiple pieces of content for different demographics. Your product and service will resonate will all potential clients and leave a unique impression on everyone

Reputation Management

We will manage your complete online presence across every social platform. We will also resolve any issue or negative media related to your business in order to protect brand reputation.

Not sure which package is right for your business? No problem, set up a Free Strategy Session with us below

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Guarantee Results?

After the first month you can expect to start seeing an ROI in terms of new customer conversion from online marketing. After the initial set up period, we will begin driving high quality traffic to your business that will be tracked, recorded, and reported to you at the end of the month.

When Do I Need a Marketing Plan?

You need one as soon as possible if you want to stay competitive in your market. If you don't have one, no problem, thats' where we come in. At Full Spectrum Advertising our focus is helping you reach your business goals and multiply your income with highly effected marketing strategies. 

Do you Offer Personalized Packages?

Yes. Get started with a Free Marketing Audit and we can discus your business goals. From there we will help you find the right avenue to maximize your marketing investment

What Is a Marketing Audit?

On this call, our goal is to understand more about you and your business. This is a free call designed to give us a scope and view of who your target market is, what's working, and what isn't. From there, we will setup an in-person strategy session to reverse engineer a personalized, marketing plan-of-action